17TH NOVEMBER @ 20:00 GMT +2
Valhalla 1000x

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We're gladly announcing our new project! We are improving the quality of the gameplay daily to result the best L2 experience from our point of view, analyzing through all the details! We promise you that we will promote our community in the future, as well as inform you about our progress! Advertising continues and with your help, we can make it to the top!

Dear Players and Visitors of
L2Valhalla Interlude x1000!

This is a new project up and ready to be launched on 17th November! As a needle in a haystack we will not give up our hope and we will give all our effort to improve and advertise our project to the max!


Grand Opening 19TH NOVEMBER 2023
L2 Valhalla is an Interlude Private project 1000x server. The goal of this project is to last for as long as possible. We do not intend to shut down the server and reopen it with a different name. The server will be up and running for as long as there is enough savings to cover the outcome at the minimum ammount of players that are interested in being a part of our community! There might be some bugs, mostly terrain and geodata related but we are ready and we will give our best to deal with any future issues that might come up to the light in order to provide you a great lineage 2 experience.
Thank you in advance for checking us out.. Or maybe take your own place to the adventure!
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